Tips to a Successful Winery Visit

Here are some tips if you want to visit a wineries, also some etiquette  suggestions:


  • Bring some box for wine.
    • Surely when you visit to a winery, you also wanted to buy especially if their wines are so good and you wanted bring some at home. You need a box to place them safe where it can not be rattle around in your car.
  • Hire a car or a driver for your tour
    • Winery tours sometimes requires a lot of driving since your visiting one winery to another. But, some wineries offers a driving tour that will take you to them.
  • Visit early especially on weekends
    • During the visit, you can talk those people behind the winery or sometimes the owners but this can happen if they are not busy.
  • Be polite
    • This is some common traits that people should look up into. As their are rude people who visit a winery which cannot be avoided but showing politeness is not hard to do and sometimes this personality can get you some small charge or wine free.
  • Try new wines
    • It is best to try new things, especially some other flavors that you might know are so good.
  • Ask questions
    • Being curious on how the wine is process adds your knowledge and fun.
  • A wine brought from home never tasted like at the winery
    • It should be keep this in mind, that the wine tasted better when it is at the winery since it’s not been traveled and surrounded by wondrous smell and sight, which makes the wine special.