Guests can come and have a relaxed holiday with us. Besides accommodation, we also offer a number of facilities as well for our guests. Here are some facilities we have.

Cellar shop


You can taste a wide range of wines, liqueurs, and ales in our cellar. You will be able to discover their unique finesse and balance, along with the exceptional delicacy. We also sell a range of food produce, honey, locally made preserves, and gift items.

Cookery school


In our cookery school, we teach you how wine, ale or liqueurs can change the taste of your food. You will learn about various types of wines and also learn which food goes with a particular wine.

Tour and tasting events


We run tour and tasting events every month. You will get to experience ‘behind the scenes’ around brewery and winery. You will be able to see how wine is produced. You can see the grape pressing machinery that is used during the time of harvest. You can then taste our delicious range of wines.



We have about 12 bedrooms where guests can stay over. Our accommodation is situated just next to the winery, shop, and restaurant. We also have 3 lodge rooms that are located amongst the vines. You will enjoy breakfast for free.



You can book our beautiful vineyard as your wedding venue. For many years people have chosen our venue for weddings. It can also be used for other events like Christmas parties and corporate events.

With so many facilities available, Desert Hills Winery can be your perfect holiday escape. So, plan your next weekend at our vineyard.