Tips to a Successful Winery Visit

Here are some tips if you want to visit a wineries, also some etiquette  suggestions:


  • Bring some box for wine.
    • Surely when you visit to a winery, you also wanted to buy especially if their wines are so good and you wanted bring some at home. You need a box to place them safe where it can not be rattle around in your car.
  • Hire a car or a driver for your tour
    • Winery tours sometimes requires a lot of driving since your visiting one winery to another. But, some wineries offers a driving tour that will take you to them.
  • Visit early especially on weekends
    • During the visit, you can talk those people behind the winery or sometimes the owners but this can happen if they are not busy.
  • Be polite
    • This is some common traits that people should look up into. As their are rude people who visit a winery which cannot be avoided but showing politeness is not hard to do and sometimes this personality can get you some small charge or wine free.
  • Try new wines
    • It is best to try new things, especially some other flavors that you might know are so good.
  • Ask questions
    • Being curious on how the wine is process adds your knowledge and fun.
  • A wine brought from home never tasted like at the winery
    • It should be keep this in mind, that the wine tasted better when it is at the winery since it’s not been traveled and surrounded by wondrous smell and sight, which makes the wine special.

The Right Wine Glasses for Your Wine

Plenty of us has difficulty in choosing the right glass to use for our wine. So here are some of the tips that will helps choose the right glass on our wine.

But, first we need to consider the basic rule when choosing the glass.

  • It should be clear and plain.
  • Has a sufficient size for pouring and swirling the wine.
  • Has stem for holding
  • Have a taper on the top.

Now, here are some type of glasses with different designs that are perfect for red, white, sparkling ad dessert wines.


Red Wines – A bowl fuller and rounder with a larger opening than other wine glasses.

White Wines – A U shaped glass.

Sparkling Wines – A narrow glass, also called flute glass.

Dessert Wines – Small glass as this wine has higher alcohol content.

Most Popular Type of Wine


A red wine that is sweeter than other wine and lighter. Also, this type of wine is soft and has low acidity.


A medium colored wine. Shiraz has an aroma like chocolates, dark fruits and has a spicy taste.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This is the best and darkest of all the red wines. This type of wine has a fruity flavor and you can see them sometimes in deep purple.


A pale colored wine that is sweet. This wine tastes like kerosene and gunmetal combine with sweetness.


Just like Champagne, this type of wine is color yellow. Even though this is hard to identify by just smelling, but tasting on it helps you identify which tasted like tinge of pineapple and smokiness.

Things Every Women Should Know About Wine

What is Tannins?

Comes from grapes skin, stems and seeds, they can be excellent alongside heavy foods like steak.

Better questions to ask at wine shop.

Where’s your Malbec?, there’s no wrong in requesting it. Discover alot of wines from different retailers

Don’t call cab as wine.

Please say the entire name, if you would like a wine made from the grape Cabernet Sauvignon. Not cab, because cab is the vehicle if you want a ride.

How to distinguished a wine that is corked.

You tell that the wine is corked, if you taste a wine and it has a wet cardboard or musty pool filter thing going on, itsprobably cork taint.

Most wines are dry

It’s important to know that a wine is technically sweet only if it has residual sugar.

Most wines are name from the places they come from.

Champagne is a wine from Champagne


These wines are made from Chardonnay,steely white wines of Chablis (pronounced Shah-blee) in central France.

Glasses of wine are higher value than a bottle of wine, at a restaurant.

Restaurants mark up their by-the-glass section at a much higher rate than they do for bottles. If you’re with two friends out to dinner, it’s most cost-effective to get a bottle than to just order glasses

Decide what you like and what’s fun and interesting for you


4 ways to tell whether your wine is good or not


Many people don’t know how to tell if the wine they are having is good or bad. It is especially true for people who drink wine occasionally. Here are four aspects of wine that tells you whether the wine is of good quality or not. ‘


Smell is the first thing you should consider. Notice whether the smell is floral or fruity. If it’s either of the two then you know it’s a good wine. But if the wine smells like anything else, for example, like a soaking wet newspaper, then it’s not a good wine.


A good wine is always in the balance. It has the right amount of acidity, alcohol, tannin, fruit, etc. None of these stand out to highlight its feature. If the level of acidity is very high, for example, and it makes your eyes water then you know that the wine is not in the balance.



Depth of the flavor is the next thing you should check. You should detect the layers of another flavor that are beyond the fruit. You can taste some nuts or chocolate. When there is a good depth of flavor in your wine, you will enjoy the drink more.

The finish

You should determine it’s length of finish. You should notice how long the flavor of wine lasts after you drink it. The longer it lingers, the better will be the wine.


So, next time when you drink wine, notice these characteristics to judge if it’s of good quality or not. A good quality wine will make your meal much enjoyable.