Things Every Women Should Know About Wine

What is Tannins?

Comes from grapes skin, stems and seeds, they can be excellent alongside heavy foods like steak.

Better questions to ask at wine shop.

Where’s your Malbec?, there’s no wrong in requesting it. Discover alot of wines from different retailers

Don’t call cab as wine.

Please say the entire name, if you would like a wine made from the grape Cabernet Sauvignon. Not cab, because cab is the vehicle if you want a ride.

How to distinguished a wine that is corked.

You tell that the wine is corked, if you taste a wine and it has a wet cardboard or musty pool filter thing going on, itsprobably cork taint.

Most wines are dry

It’s important to know that a wine is technically sweet only if it has residual sugar.

Most wines are name from the places they come from.

Champagne is a wine from Champagne


These wines are made from Chardonnay,steely white wines of Chablis (pronounced Shah-blee) in central France.

Glasses of wine are higher value than a bottle of wine, at a restaurant.

Restaurants mark up their by-the-glass section at a much higher rate than they do for bottles. If you’re with two friends out to dinner, it’s most cost-effective to get a bottle than to just order glasses

Decide what you like and what’s fun and interesting for you


4 rules for best pairing of wine and food


It is not possible to taste wine at its best unless you pair it with the right food. Unfortunately, many of us do not understand how to order the right food with the wine. Here are the general guidelines you should follow.

1. If you want to drink white wine that is made in stainless steel tanks instead of in oak barrels, then you should order a meal in which you can squeeze a lemon or lime. White wines have a citrusy acidity flavor. Lime or lemon can highten that flavor. So, you can have smoked sablefish, grilled salmon, etc. with white wine.


2. Low-alcohol wines go well with spicy foods. Alcohol improves the oils that make spicy food hot. So, if you take dishes like fiery curried chicken or Thai stir-fry, you can order wines that have low alcohol level.

3. When chicken or pork is the primary flavor in a dish, you should follow a simple rule. Remember that pork chops go well with red wine sauce and chicken items go well with white wine sauce.

4. If you are taking desserts, then you should consider lighter wine. You should choose wine that is less sweet than the dessert otherwise there will be too much sweetness.


It can be a bizarre experience if you don’t choose the right food for your wine. Keep these rules in mind when you order your food in a restaurant. You will have the best dinner when food and wine are paired right.