Visiting a vineyard and winery is a nice experience. You will love the nature with rolling hills and beautiful greenery. You will see the grapes growing and can try the full range of wines. Vineyards are usually located at a distance from the city where there are lots of empty lands. It usually takes some hours to drive to a vineyard. It’s such a place where you will feel like spending the entire day. With this in mind, we built an accommodation facility in our vineyard where visitors can spend the night if they want to.

We, at Desert Hills Winery, offer wine tours along with accommodation facilities. So, you can visit our winery, taste the freshly made wine and enjoy the lovely nature without worrying to start your journey before sunset so that it doesn’t get dark. Wine tours are very popular in places where there are lots of wineries and vineyards. But not all wineries have accommodation facility. We welcome our guests to stay at our state-of-the-art facility and dine at our restaurant. Every year we have lots of visitors. We would be glad if you visit us too!